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houston bicycle accident attorney

In most Houston bicycle accidents, bicycle riders are more often than not at a disadvantage because of the lack of bicycle safety laws. A bicycle is considered as an un-motorized vehicle and gives bicycle riders no protection against unsafe road conditions or negligent drivers on the road.

A bicycle accident lawyer handles personal injury cases arising from bicycle accidents which include: bicycle crashes, falls and collisions with other bicycles, cars, trucks, motorcycles or pedestrians. A bicycle accident attorney can help injured cyclists obtain compensation for medical expenses caused by bicycle accidents through settlement agreements or verdicts after filing a lawsuit against the negligent party. Our firm does not have the same type of case limits as other lawyers that litigate bicycle accident cases. This means our attorneys can typically spend more time helping bicycle riders who were injured in accidents. Also, our bicycle accident lawyers get paid only when they win money on your behalf and collect a fee from you – no matter how much time it takes or what sacrifices we make while representing you.

Every bicycle accident attorney at our law firm is dedicated to serving bicycle riders all over Texas. Aside from offering free consultations, we provide bicycle safety tips throughout the site for people who would like to learn how to ride safely on busy streets.

Drivers usually forget that they share the road with bicycle riders who also have rights to be there just like them. A bicycle accident attorney can help bicycle riders who were involved in accidents caused by negligent motorists.

Statistics show that bicycle accidents are most likely to occur between mid afternoon and early evening when cars are coming home from work or school. During these times, distracted driving becomes an increasing problem which results in more automobile collisions. If you ride your bike through high traffic areas during peak times, bicycle accident attorney s will help you seek financial compensation for the injuries that you sustained.

What Causes Bicycle Accident Injuries?

A Bicycle Injury can be a very serious thing. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, in 2006, there was 773 bicycle deaths and 44,000 bicycle injuries resulting from accidents involving automobiles.

There are many different reasons a bicycle accident may occur including poor driving conditions, impaired visibility, vehicle problems and dog attacks can even cause a accident on a bicycle. Most bicycle injuries are caused by the fault of motorists who violate bicycle riders right-of-way or bicycle riders who fail to properly follow traffic rules.

If you were involved in bicycle accident, then speak with one of our bicycle injury attorneys first before you say anything! Bicycle accidents can take a serious toll on your life and future so it is best that you seek legal representation if you need it! Learning more about bicycle accidents will allow you to make an informed decision as how to handle your case.

A bicycle rider has many responsibilities once they get on their bike, but what happens when the other party is at fault? Can bicycle riders be held liable for causing an accident? The answer is yes and the outcome is usually unfortunate because a bicycle rider has no defense if a car or truck hits them. When a bicyclist is involved in an accident with a moving vehicle, the injury is usually severe. In many instances, bicycle injury can be more fatal than 18-Wheeler Accidents in Houston.

Types of Bicycle Injuries:

  • – fractures
  • – skull fracture
  • – concussion
  • – traumatic brain injury
  • – head trauma
  • – spinal injury
  • – joint injury
  • – fracture of spine
  • – permanent disability
  • – severed limbs
  • – road rash

Houston Bicycle Accident Cases:

Houston has the largest number of bike commuters in Texas with over 160 miles of dedicated bike roads and paths. The popularity of cycling in Houston is constantly growing, in fact, the city is currently in the process of expanding its on and off street bikeway network. The city has even made it possible for bicycle riders to use the HOV lanes on Interstate 10 and Interstate 45.

Houston bicycle accidents are common during weekends because people of all ages decide to go out and enjoy their time with family or friends by riding their bicycles. It is this type of Houston bicycle accident that is most likely to injure children who do not have the experience needed to ride safely on busy streets. Bicycle accidents involving bicycle riders under 18 years old should be handled by bicycle accident lawyer s even though they may have no experience in personal injury law cases.

Bicycle Accidents are usually severe because of the minimal protection that is offered to bicyclists. When a automobile runs into a person on a bike, it sends them flying. A bicycle crash can end in head trauma, spinal cord injuries, fractures, severed limbs, serious abrasions and even road rash.

If you have been injured in a bike accident in Houston, you need to contact an experience bicycle accident attorney. It is important for you to get legal representation early so that you do not put your rights in jeopardy. Gary S. Tucker and Associates have over 30 years of experience and will be able to assist you.

Houston has a bicycle accident rate that is much lower than the national average. In fact, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were only 3 bicycle fatalities in 2010 and 0 bicycle fatalities in 2011. The city does offer bicycle safety classes and even has its own bicycle advocacy group called Bike Houston which aims to make bicycling safer for cyclists within the city.

Houston Bicycle Accident Attorney Consultation

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, the first thing you need to do is call for police or ambulance, and calling an attorney is immediately after. An attorney can help you through the whole process of being in an accident involving a bicycle or motor vehicle.

Each one of our Houston based bicycle accident attorneys are well-versed in bicycle injury law and have a long track record of winning settlements involving bicycles & motor vehicles throughout the entire State of Texas. If you have been hurt in a bicycle accident in Houston, call us now at (800) 275-5007 for your free consultation with an injury lawyer.

After you contact one of our Houston Bicycle Accident Attorneys, there is many different things we do for you.

We immediately start developing your case by:
  • 1. Interviewing witnesses who saw the accident happen.
  • 2. Taking pictures of the scene of the accident.
  • 3. Developing Evidence including tire marks, markings of the lanes, road signs, and skid marks.
  • 4. If necessary we will speak with bicycle experts to help your bicycle accident case.

Houston Bicycle Accident Injury Compensation

A bicycle rider has many responsibilities once they get on their bike, but what happens when the other party is at fault? Can bicycle riders be held liable for causing an accident? Since injuries on bicycles are usually more severe than other injuries, bicyclists and their families may have lost more than money can replace. If you were involved in a bicycle accident that caused injury to you or your family, you might be entitled to receive compensation for lost wages, medical bills and expenses, property damage, and many other expenses that are related to your accident.

Nowadays, bicycle accidents are becoming more common due to the fact that bicycle riders are multiplying rapidly in USA. Bicycle accident attorneys are on the rise to help combat the difficulties new riders have in big cities. We want to make sure all bicycle riders receive compensation for any injuries caused by road accidents.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children between the ages of 5-14 years old are at highest risk of bicycle injuries which can sometimes lead to death! As a bicycle rider, you need to learn about Washington’s bicycle laws before something bad happens while you’re riding your bike on local roads.

There were reported bicycle-related incidents in 2003 and 2005, according to data from Traffic Safety Facts 2005. In 2004, there were reported bicycle fatalities of approximately 73 (for both genders) while the greatest bicycle-related injuries occurred in 2002 when about 4,857 people were injured (for both genders).

What You Should Know When Hiring A Bicycle Accident Attorney – Whatever the situation, if you or someone close to you was injured due to a bicycle accident, consult a bicycle accident lawyer first before speaking.

Since 2000, the number of bicycle riders in the United States has risen dramatically. More individuals have chosen cycling as a popular way to get exercise and fun. Even if they’re riding bicycles for pleasure or transportation, there’s still no denying that they’re on two wheels.

Bicycles are dangerous when not used properly because bicycle accidents can be fatal, especially when caused by motorists.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), bicycle riders of all ages will see a significant increase of bicycle-related injuries mainly due to vehicle collisions. In 2013 alone, there were approximately 494 bicycle fatalities and about 51,000 bicycle injuries that occurred in the United States.

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